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W818 Stainless Steel Waterproof Watch Mobile Phone with Touch Screen Bluetooth

Exquisite and stylish, this W818 Stainless Steel Waterproof Watch Phone is a nice choice to you, bringing you the all functions of a modern cell phone in a convenient wrist watch form and at a fraction of the price!


Responsive touchscreen: Navigation has never been easier on a tiny screen. The fingers can work perfectly comfortable on the screen, but an optional built-in stylus on the strap can always make the task even easier.

Quad-band phone: It is call and network connectivity capacity can give other low-range watch cell phone manufacturers a run for their money. This is the most advanced you can get from a very basic phone anywhere.

Built-in camera: You’re surely not expecting this one, but yes, this watch has a camera! This 1.5-inch screen is capable of taking pictures, as well as changing picture effect and setting, noise balancing, and frame designing. It has a continuous shot feature that can easily change scene modes in one click. This is one crazy gadget developed by genius minds.

GD930 Sports Watch Phone 1.5 Inch Touch Screen Buttons and Camera

No need to take your phone to your sports game or worry whether you missed that courtside phone call because your phone is on your wrist! Its as easy as 1,2,3 when you use the key buttons it feels like a mobile handset.


GD910 Ultra Thin Watch Cell Phone 1.5 Inch Touch Screen Quad Band

ImageWe are Reliable and professional China online store where you can wholesale quality cell phone accessories and dropship them globally!


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