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We are all of the responsible of it: the CellBy car mounts move while driving. No matter whether we are reading directions, mailing a text, or talking on speakerphone, we have all used our cellphoens in the wrong place (the vehicle) and at the incorrect time ( during we are driving said vehicle). Currently you can prevent the temptation with the General Car Mount – the suitable accessories for all car owner.

Call your cellphone, communicate, and hang up free of ever moving your hands removed from the steering wheel. And thanks a lot to Cult of CellBy you can get 51% off the regular price of the Universal Car Mount because it can be yours for only $14 during this limited time offer!

Please note: The sale price includes free shipping to the countries listed in the terms and conditions on the Deals page.

It very easily adheres to your car’s windshield so that your smartphone is prominently shown in your line of site whenever driving, and the mount can rotate 360 degrees to face all people, either in the front seat or in the back of the car. Plus, set up is a snap and the suit is universal so any driver can use it.

The highlighted models of the Universal Car Mount include the following:

Universal holder for a range of cell phone models, including iPhone, iPod, and Android phones.
Car mount is comes with 360 degree rotation capabilities
Comes in Black
Made of ABS material

Not only is it harmful to hold your phone when you are driving, it’s also now illegal in most states. Would not give the police any cause to pull you over, navigate and talk free of taking your attention away from the road. Get yourself a Universal Car Mount from the low price of $5.85 from Cellby today!



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